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Published 3.2.2023 – By Clara Ferance

There are so many types of special gatherings and meaningful moments to commemorate—a romantic anniversary, someone’s big 50th birthday celebration, a surprise getaway with friends… Figuring out all the minute details to accommodate the various travel needs and preferences of a larger group is a daunting task that can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, when you partner with Rosedale Travel, we’ll serve your unique travel preferences, no matter the occasion or how large the group size! We’ll answer your topmost questions, so we can help you plan the most perfect group trip and know exactly what to expect.

Q: What types of group trips do you specialize in?

At Rosedale Travel, we’re extremely versatile. Not only are we dedicated to creating memorable family focused vacations (like your kids’ dream to go to Disney!) but we offer numerous options for several other kinds of getaways such as a family reunion on a dude ranch in Colorado, a college girls’ mini-reunion in Paris (oh yes you can!) or a guys’ trip biking and hiking in Alaska. Book clubs that are reading New York Times bestseller Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil can take a trip to Savannah to experience the city firsthand. And birthdays! People within a friend group that are all hitting an age milestone can celebrate their 30th/40th/50th/60th birthday in style, with a customized backpacking trip, cruise, or VIP resort stay!

Are you a manager in charge of booking a company retreat? Consult with our experts to organize the right location with the space and amenities to meet your needs. For up to 50 team members, we’ll create an amazing trip within your company’s budget that prioritizes the comfort of the team while streamlining the entire process.

And the possibilities don’t stop there! Rosedale Travel can plan wellness vacations for active groups such as Pilates & yoga studios searching for a peaceful destination with space for your instructors to deliver classes (either just for your group, or for the greater resort as well). For groups interested in planning an adventurous or wellness focused trip, we have a few upcoming specials that you won’t want to miss!

  • Miami Beach: Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Winter Paradise – Complimentary 5th Night. Valid for travel through April 30, 2023. This beachfront hotel with art deco flair is known for the Tierra Santa spa.
  • Jamaica: Half Moon, Winter Wellness – $200 wellness credit. Valid for travel through April 30, 2023. Fantastic beach, with plenty of activities such as golf, tennis/pickleball, and a spa.

Q: Do you partner with wedding event planners?

Absolutely! One of the most significant reasons for group travel are destination weddings! Everyone loves the extra perk of vacationing in a beautiful, romantic location to witness their loved ones’ big day. From tranquil mountaintops to picturesque countryside mansions, to the soothing ocean waves on the beach, there are so many stunning venue options available to host your ceremony. At Rosedale Travel, we will happily partner with your wedding planner to accommodate your guests’ travel needs and plan the perfect fairytale wedding. Together, we’ll make your wedding day unforgettable!

Q: How are the accommodations and what are the perks?

Our company is a member of Virtuoso, a global network of leading agencies that specialize in luxury travel. Through these special partnerships, our experts will connect you with the most gorgeous destinations around the world while granting you access to exclusive tours, dining packages, and upscale hotels.

Whether your group wants to check out the sights in the city or enjoy a quaint, peaceful cottage in the countryside, we’ll help you find the perfect place to stay. Pamper your family at a beachside resort or an all-inclusive hotel where it’s easy to upgrade rooms, request late checkout, and even bring in some resort credit!

For larger gatherings looking for more autonomy and seclusion, there are plenty of private properties available such as these stunning villas, ranches, or cozy vacation homes that let you have the whole place to yourself. Plus, certain homes offer hot tubs, fully stocked kitchens, group shuttles and even a personal chef!

Q: When can I book a trip and what should I expect?

Planning group travel is a daunting task by yourself—which is why we’re here to eliminate that stress! Our team at Rosedale Travel has years of experience customizing accessible vacation itineraries that meet the needs, preferences, and interests of each and every traveler. Your personal experience will vary based on the size of your group and what type of accommodations you desire.

For example, many resorts consider a group to be minimum of 10 rooms or more. We offer two different methods to book your trip: a firm contract, that guarantees availability and locks in a negotiated group rate, as well as a second model that gives the customer more control to book their own room with a special code, allowing for more flexibility. Feel free to fill out our contact form if you have a trip in mind and have more questions!

Q: What other benefits are there for large travel groups?

When you travel together with a bigger group, you can enjoy a simpler, safer, and hassle-free vacation. Pre-planned excursions and meals take away the stress of travel planning for any one person, plus you’ll receive special VIP tours and discounted rates as a group. With local guides showing you special “hidden gems,” you’ll feel more secure as you’re guided through unfamiliar areas or come across language barriers. After all, there’s safety in numbers.

In the meantime, no matter what activities you have on the agenda, traveling in a group means you get to spend time exploring the world with important people in your life. And what’s more important than creating new memories with family and friends?

Get in touch with us at Rosedale Travel and we’ll help you formulate the perfect group trip today!

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