Travel is Ageless: Learn How It Can Enrich your Life

by Clara Ferance

Since the worldwide isolation during COVID-19 quarantine, we’ve learned that humans thrive best when they feel active, social, and part of a bigger, robust community. People not only crave companionship, but also discover incredible wellness benefits by staying connected with one another. At Rosedale Travel, we encourage travel as the number one way to explore new places, foster new relationships, and find greater happiness and fulfilment within a cherished community.

And for Meredith Oppenheim, founder of Vitality Society, community is the key to staying well. A fellow alum of Harvard Business School, Meredith created her NYC-based company to serve the senior (60 and better) population, supporting their overall mental and physical health while nurturing a meaningful, vital life that isn’t defined by age. Her 30+ years of dedication working with older adults brought about a successful online community full of enriching activities, interactive classes, and community-building opportunities—all based around 8 leading vitality principles that help clients become the best versions of themselves, inside and out.

Travel Encourages Continual Growth

You’re never to old to travel! Traveling is for everyone. All you have to do is simply GO—it’s an amazing way to broaden your horizons and learn about other countries, cultures, and languages. According to Meredith, travel is one of the most important pillars of Vitality Society, since it intersects with several other major principles, for example: being a life-long learner, laughing often, or reducing stress!

And what better place to cultivate positivity, purpose, and pleasure than one of the most diverse cities in the world? Since 2020, Meredith has operated her business in NYC, spreading empowerment from her home on the upper west side of Manhattan. The mixture of languages, history, and people from all over the world makes it the perfect destination for those looking to continue their education. For newcomers, Meredith has a handful of go-to places that are fun, local-recommended activities!

  • Hudson River Waterfront Greenway: Enjoy walking, biking, or taking in the beautiful riverfront views at this winding, picturesque park that’s popular with locals. Check out the memorials and monuments along the way or stop by Columbia University’s scenic campus!
  • Central Park Ramble: Although there are many areas to sightsee within New York’s famous Central Park, the Ramble contains 36 acres of sprawling trails, caves, romantic bridges, and other green spaces to enjoy—all while never needing to leave the city!
  • Shopping, Eating, Entertainment: The options in NYC are endless when it comes to these types of excursions! But of course, the Theatre District is the place to go to see Times Square, Saks 5th Avenue, or catch an excellent Broadway show. Le Botaniste, a delicious vegan restaurant with a couple of different locations, is a great dining option for fresh, organic meals.

Travel Comes With Health Benefits

Meredith notes that many Vitality Society members are “highly motivated by travel, as they prefer no longer being tethered to one specific place.” Although there is a frequent desire among retirees to pursue travel, many older adults suffer from medical conditions, lack of mobility, or don’t feel physically confident to manage it. At Rosedale Travel, our travel experts will keep in mind all your personal concerns and preferences as we handle all the planning details of your trip. We offer plenty of adventure & wellness focused vacation options to help people of all ages explore the big, beautiful world in a relaxed, stress-free environment. Whether you pick a peaceful yoga retreat or an adventurous hiking trip you’ll notice a huge improvement in mood and mental health as well as increased physical strength and endurance.

Travel Brings Us Together

Of course, the greatest reason to travel is to see family, friends, and other loved ones. Travel gives everyone valuable time to reconnect with each other, explore new destinations, plan an exciting milestone celebration for someone, or go on a unforgettable trip with a friend, partner, or spouse.

Vitality Society has empowered meaningful connection through online social activities, including a recent launch of a virtual “Stay-cation Exploration” video class series. However, individual in-person travel is also highly encouraged! Founder Meredith occasionally sees society members face-to-face to say hello and chat together in-person, which she finds especially rewarding. And we would completely agree! As huge believers in travel, our mission at Rosedale Travel is to provide a variety of flexible, accessible travel options that promote exploration and create more liberated, revitalized travelers who are ready to embrace the whole wide world. Contact us to book your trip today!

From fitness trainings to group trivia to art classes to educational seminars, Vitality Society provides a brand-new virtual space for members to socialize, grow, and continue to flourish. For adults 60 and better who are seeking this kind of community, contact Meredith Oppenheim who has decades of industry expertise working with older adults and helping them achieve a longevity that is full of vibrancy and purpose.

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