Five Types of Clients who use Travel Agents

Published 5.1.2023 – By Clara Ferance

Travel agencies provide useful services for people from all walks of life. If you’ve never used a travel agency before, there are plenty of benefits, including trip customization, years of expertise, access to exclusive deals and amenities, and personal assistance during travel.

Save yourself the time and stress of researching flights, hotels, tours, and transportation—instead, let our agency tailor your trip based on your priorities. First things first: what kind of traveler are you?

  1. Classic

This is the type of client who knows where they want to go, but they are looking for recommendations that make sense for their family or friends, while also aligning with their preferences and price point. They don’t have the time or desire to research where to stay and what to do—but at the very least they would like someone else exploring beside them! For these clients, we spend time listening to what type of experience they’d like to have, any special concerns to work around, budget expectations, and whether they enjoy more independence or prefer planned excursions in a group setting. Then we begin to research and deliver hotel recommendations, transfers, flight recommendations, tours, insurance options and more! During their trip, we are available to help “classic clients” to trouble shoot and resolve any issues that may crop up along the way.

  • Support from the Sidelines

We all know those people who love to do their own research and be heavily involved in all of the trip planning. This client tends to be a pretty “Type A” person who would generally prefer to do it all by his/herself… but with all the other obligations going on in life, it’s easier if they turn to us for help! When creating a plan for these clients, it takes a bit more time to develop—should I choose a wellness-focused or adventure-packed trip??—and it usually involves a lot of back and forth! That’s ok—we know that this kind of client appreciates a second pair of eyes on everything as we carefully craft the perfect travel itinerary together! In the end, we always land in a well-thought-out, solid place.

  • Problem Solver

Then there’s the kind of client who picks out everything they want in a trip and chooses Rosedale Travel to book it for them. In this case, we make sure to be as available as possible—if they would like to reach out to us with any additional questions, our team is ready and willing to do the necessary research to find the best solution. During travel it is normal for reasonable requests and concerns to come up, and we’re happy to jump in and help address these items to create better outcomes for our clients. (Note: We have a healthy respect for the hospitality industry and will not support out-of-line requests.)

  • Deal Shopper

We have other clients who always seem to know exactly which resort, hotel, or getaway they’d like to book. We totally get it! Shopping around for the best price, amenities, or special deal is completely understandable and quite common. After a quick check on our side, we’re often able to handle these requests. At Rosedale Travel, this is only available with luxury properties….and if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Surprise Me

This technique works really well for long-standing friends of Rosedale Travel or repeat clients that we’ve formed a relationship with over time. For example, we had a client who came to us last year with only one piece of information: the specific dates during the summertime that worked best for her family vacation. This stressed-out mom did not have the time or energy to think about where to go, what accommodations to book, budgeting expectations etc. But we’ve worked with her before! Since we understand her travel style, family-friendly priorities, and the types of destinations she prefers, we put together a few options for her. She was completely onboard after a few conversations, and since then, we’ve booked several successful trips for her and her family. Sometimes you just need to get out of the ocean of possibilities and have someone say: here are 3 possibilities—which one works best for you?

At Rosedale Travel, we love to get to know our customers and work with them to find that sweet spot. It’s this attention to detail and commitment to our travelers that sets us apart from other agencies. As we design travel for individual clients and build rapport with you, it gets easier and faster to balance all your preferences to plan the perfect trip that matches your unique personality! And helping you achieve your travel goals without any of the usual stress? That’s the biggest “win” in our book! Reach out to us with your travel requests by filling out our quick contact form!

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