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Published 8.21.2023 – By Clara Ferance  

When people recall a story about an adventure they’ve recently had, it’s usually attached to a fond memory of something that occurred while traveling. Adventure travel can involve daring, athletic activities like bungee-jumping or ziplining, but it also encompasses other less risk-taking experiences too, such as natural and cultural immersion. No matter what, adventure travel is an opportunity for individual growth. It allows you to overcome personal fears and challenges, appreciate a deeper understanding of diverse communities, and foster new friendships along the way! Taking a trip someplace new in and of itself is an act of adventure—and Rosedale Travel is here to help you explore. We partner with top agencies around the world to design meaningful, memorable travel experiences that accommodate your needs with the highest quality tours, excursions, and luxury amenities.  

  1. G Adventures

Considering booking a trip with a few friends? G Adventures is a leading agency in affordable, small group travel with a focus on connecting travelers with local experts who intimately know the community. Alongside this local support is the ability to maintain a flexible itinerary, so you have the freedom to explore on your own if desired. Although they are known for their incredible trips to South America (especially Peru!), G Adventures has uniquely built travel packages across every continent—yes, even Antarctica!  

For the fearless outdoorsy types, Backroads is a travel company that loves to keep its travelers active! Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing or a more relaxed pace, a Backroads itinerary will match your momentum and provide multi-adventure tours that are fun for the whole family. Checkout their latest family vacations, like the popular Taste of Camino de Santiago Walking & Hiking Tour that shows off the beauty of Spain and Portugal. Enjoy three distinct categories based on your kids’ ages, complete with thoughtfully planned routes, luxury hotels, gourmet cuisine and all the delights you need to discover the world on your own terms.  

If you’re traveling with a larger group, try a preplanned cruise with Hurtigruten. Stop and see multiple destinations on a sustainable expedition cruise that is one epic Scandinavian adventure! For the last 130 years, the company has served as an environmental leader in the travel industry, committed to taking care of guests, wildlife, nature, and all the communities they visit. A cruise is super accommodating for everyone, especially those who aren’t as mobile and prefer moving a more relaxed pace. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis along the way!  

  Our team has plenty of recommendations when it comes to well-organized, cost-effective adventure travel. Whether you’re looking for a solo trip with an outdoorsy flair or a family-friendly getaway with all the best excursions, Rosedale Travel will put together the ultimate trip that’s perfectly customized to your preferred “adventure level.” Where’s your next adventure going to be?

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