Virtuoso Travel Week: Favorite Finds

Published 9.19.23 – By Clara Ferance

This past month was the Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, an annual gathering bringing together travel advisors, suppliers, and other industry professionals from all over the globe! Rosedale Travel owner, Kirsten Billhardt, attended the event to learn more about the luxury travel sector and form new partnerships with vendors. For Kirsten, this was an incredible opportunity as a Virtuoso member to attend educational workshops, access exclusive deals, and foster new partnerships within the luxury travel industry. 

After an intense week diving into what’s new and trending in luxury travel, we’ve gained valuable insight that will further enhance the services and client experience at Rosedale Travel. Of course, most exciting of all are the companies we’re partnering with to provide the best amenities, new trip experiences, and transforming revisited travel destinations with top-tier accommodations! 

Let’s recap our favorite finds from Virtuoso Travel Week:

  1. European Ski Travel: 

We aim to streamline our travel experiences for individuals, couples, and families who enjoy skiing. The Alps provide the most picturesque places to ski according to Kirsten’s husband, who grew up skiing in many different alpine valleys, such as La Plagne, France. With plenty of ski school options that have long-term professionals teaching the lessons, family members can go from beginners to handling intermediate “blue” slopes in just a week! Hot tip: the weekly cost of skiing in Europe is a fraction of the day cost at a major ski resort in the U.S … plus, who doesn’t love French hot chocolate? We’ll help you put together a ski trip that makes your life easier with a European ski travel company that covers all the details (transfers, hotels, lift tickets, and more). If you’re not much of a skier? Check out our additional winter getaway travel ideas!

  1. Upscale Mexico Getaway:

We have 2 new options for a luxurious trip to Mexico! For a relaxed “adults-only” trip, check out La Casa de la Playa, a boutique hotel nestled within the Mayan rainforest along Playa del Carmen. Enjoy oceanfront suites with butler service, tailored excursions, and an exclusive offer only available through Virtuoso travel advisors! Our second recommendation is the Palmaia, The House of Aia, a wellness resort with a focus on reconnecting with nature. Indulge in a guided meditation session, yoga classes, or massage. Grab a cocktail alongside locally-sourced vegan cuisine, or simply enjoy the beach with the kids in this tranquil, family-friendly retreat. Kick start the new year with wellness and a special promo offer!

  1. Hidden Gem in Alaska:

Looking for an all-inclusive luxury experience that can accommodate a multi-generational group? Kirsten is excited about the secluded, family-owned Tutka Bay Lodge, located along the coast of Kachemak Bay, Alaska. After flying into Anchorage, their staff will pick you up by float plane so you can already start witnessing the vast beauty of the mountains, the sea, and of course, local Alaskan wildlife. This seasonal lodge provides everything you need – private accommodations, excursions, food, alcohol – and the adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Little Trips Are Important:

Let’s not forget that short weekend getaways or revisiting a past vacation spot still provide fantastic opportunities to explore! As far as adult getaways go, Washington D.C. is undervalued. There’s so much to do in this gorgeous, historically rich city – with mostly FREE world class museums! – and there’s no lack of restaurants and nightlife. Try a stay at the Pendry, a new riverfront hotel that boasts a spa, on-site entertainment, and multiple dining options, including a rooftop bar overlooking the Potomac. Get a special credit at the Pendry Hotel when you reserve a suite with our agents.

  1. South America:

Patagonia is a potential friends’ trip for Kirsten next year, so she was excited to connect with a travel company that owns a series of small boutique hotels in Chile, Argentina, and Peru. In addition to luxurious accommodations with access to awe-inspiring natural landscapes, this new partner provides “van-based exploration” that brings together guides, the hotels, the equipment, the transfers, and more. Enjoy “world class hiking with low elevation,” with a fully supported South American adventure that takes care of all the coordinating and itinerary details for you! With the help of Rosedale Travel, it’s easy to schedule your next adventure and wellness trip!

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