Spring Travel Tips & Top Destinations

Published 10.11.23 – By Clara Ferance

It’s never too early to start planning for your next vacation, especially when you can cross such a big item off your to-do list. So, let’s act quickly – before the winter holidays arrive and the busyness of gift-giving and holiday gatherings overwhelms you, Rosedale Travel will help you organize a new trip to look forward to in the coming year. Whether you want to vacation with family during spring break or are celebrating a special milestone event with a loved one, springtime is the perfect season to enjoy a luxurious getaway!

Best Place To Visit in Central America

Costa Rica offers plenty of family-friendly vacation spots with an abundance of activities to choose from! The country boasts both crystal-clear beaches and ecological marvels, making for incredible hiking, biking, and surfing excursions full of captivating wildlife and awe-inspiring views of nature. To make the most of your trip, we recommend combining relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste with an adventurous activity, such as ziplining through the Monteverde cloud forest.

For families with teenagers, consider staying in Tamarindo, a coastal town known for its tranquil beachside resorts that offer surfing camps & classes. For an extra touch of luxury, you might want to explore Naraya Springs, an adults-only retreat nestled within the lush Arenal National Park. This peaceful destination is celebrated by Conde Nast Traveller for having one of the world’s finest spas. As they say in Costa Rica, it’s time to set aside your worries and truly experience “pura vida.”

Spring In Iceland

Traveling to Iceland in the springtime comes with a couple of advantages: less extreme weather, fewer tourists, and longer daylight hours…which means you have more time to see the stunning landscapes, from waterfalls and geysers to glaciers and volcanic terrain. Although Iceland is warmer in the summer, the landscape starts to get a burst of color in the springtime, with native greenery and wildflowers popping up. Plus, puffins, seals, and different types of birds start making an appearance along the coast.

This beautiful country makes the ideal off-the-beaten-path destination for spring break and Rosedale Travel works with an amazing Scandinavian travel partner to help clients create an independent vacation with drivers and pre-organized excursions to unbelievable destinations. Spend a day at the Blue Lagoon Spa, participate in Icelandic festivals and culture, or perhaps (if you’re lucky!) witness the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights.


Take A Trip To South America

From the Atacama Desert in the north to the Patagonian wilderness in the south, Chile is a country rich with natural beauty all year round. Kirsten’s trusted copy of Lonely Planet: Where to Go When calls out Chile as a flexible, versatile destination for the spring since the climate varies greatly depending on what part of the country you visit.

For example, in the vineyard regions of central Chile, such as the Maipo and Colchagua Valleys, you’ll be able to catch the wine harvests during this time! With fewer crowds and lower prices than the high season, spring in Chile offers a fantastic opportunity to go hiking in the deserts and mountains, explore Easter Island, and immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine by booking your stay at a charming boutique hotel.

Top Ski Resorts

Skiing vacations are a great way to get outside and stay active together as a family. The slopes can be downright freezing in the middle of winter, but by springtime, it’s hopefully warming up a bit, making for more pleasant skiing weather. With specific gear, equipment, lifts, and other special accommodations to consider, a ski trip can be a lot of moving parts and pieces – so let our experts at Rosedale Travel take the stress off your plate.

For example, Kirsten has skied with her family across Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, plus she knows just the perfect place in the Alps for those looking to take affordable lessons. “We’ll pull together lift tickets, transfers, ski school, and either private house or resort lodging. My kids have an opinion on the best hot chocolate…you’ll receive their insight on ski resort amenities as well!”

Stay In America & Travel To Texas

Looking for a shorter flight for next year’s spring break? Consider Texas, the amazing Lone Star State! Stop by the vibrant, artistic city of Austin (also the home of Rosedale Travel) to say hello and experience museums, music, restaurants, nightlife, concerts, and more. We’re also not too far from San Antonio, where families can enjoy touring the Alamo or visit the popular Sea World amusement park. And let’s not forget that Texas has a beautiful coastline along the Gulf that features charming towns, relaxing beaches, and delicious BBQ and Tex-Mex food galore!

With gorgeous landscapes, a wealth of sunshine, and lots of local festivals happening around spring break, Texas has a little something for everyone! As a long-time resident of Texas, Kirsten has a running list of activities to take advantage of right in the heart of her home state.

Spring break travel is a welcome escape from the routine of the school year, offering a chance to unwind, explore, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re seeking help putting together a ski trip itinerary, are looking for a new adventure in the forests of Central or South America, or simply crave the sun-soaked beaches of Texas, our team at Rosedale Travel promises you the most well-rounded, customized luxury vacation.

It’s time to spring into action, pack your bags, and contact us today to make sure you book the most unforgettable trip yet!

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