We design authentic and immersive travel experiences for a lifetime of memories.

Rosedale Travel is a full service travel agency that plans, books and supports vacations around the world. From short weekend getaways to large and complex itineraries, we work the details.

Our Process



We start with an onboarding call to understand your needs, priorities and budget. If you’d like to move forward, we’ll share a travel services agreement and planning fee.



We use our relationships, expertise and access to partners to design your trip. This includes hotels, vacation homes, flights, transport, excursions, cruises and insurance.



We take your feedback from the initial plan and make changes as needed. We’ll pivot to new countries or other significant changes. When ready, we’ll book the arrangements and help meet payment deadlines and other milestones.



We’re here for you during the trip to help manage any changes needed or concerns that arise.

When you return, we’d love to hear about the trip, especially anything you loved or didn’t care for.

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Our Specialties

Luxury Adventure & Wellness

Milestone Celebrations

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Kirsten Billhardt


Kirsten came to travel after 10 year plus runs at General Motors in Michigan and Dell, Inc in Texas. After years of planning trips for family and friends, she jumped at the opportunity to build a business doing something she loves.

Kirsten brings an engineer’s love of precision and a marketer’s love of flair to every trip she designs. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and three sons. Kirsten loves a good biography, the end of a long run and, of course, traveling around the world.

Denise Hollywood


Denise Hollywood has lived, worked, and traveled the globe for the past three decades. From a young age, having a parent from a foreign country (Ireland) inspired a desire to travel and see new places. A United States military veteran, serving her country in assignments around the world further fueled Denise’s passion for travel, tourism and experiencing new cultures.  Denise holds a Masters in Sustainable Tourism from George Washington University, loves travel to adventurous places like Africa and Patagonia, and has an extensive bucket list of places she’d like to visit in the future. 

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